Monday, April 23, 2012

With the Cycling Centre winter training program coming to an end, and with riders going outside and testing their new and improved cycling selves, I've been hearing a lot of good things about the results from the training that all the athletes have put in.

Some are riding away from their cycling friends, not on purpose, they're just faster. Keeping up with the fast guys in their group and being able to react to attacks.  Riding at a higher cadence and not tiring out as quickly.  Having energy and feeling great after a long week-end ride.  Averaging a higher speed on the same route ridden last summer.  Feeling stronger on the hills, changing gears more efficiently, being more confident.  I've heard lots of other positive comments too, but thought you would enjoy Veronica's poem which is shared below.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this year, even on the days when you didn't want to be there.  It is your energy, company, and enthusiasm that make the program what it is; a fun atmosphere with encouraging peers, and a positive environment that results in everyone pushing each other to try new things, push a little harder, and reward improvements.  Well done everyone and I look forward to riding with you out on the road!

Ode to Petrina – a Cycling Coach Extraordinaire

Early last September I wrote out my cheque,
I wasn’t sure why…but oh what the heck!
Little did I know what challenges lay ahead,
Some days I would think “should I just stay in bed?”

But with a fuzzy goal in mind I endured each saddle sore,
Soon I was enthusiastically crawling back for more.
I kept up with running, weights & yoga,
By 8pm most nights I was sound asleep on the sofa.

She explained our 1st time trial with her dimpled smile,
Oblivious to our suffering, was she in denial?
We were shown “the bucket” in case we should puke,
Just the thought of such atrocities was enough to spook!

As our training progressed, we looked forward to recovery week,
The next cycling technique we got ready to tweak.
With orders of “knees in” & “one gear harder”,
Petrina guided our training with focus & ardour.

“90 @100” was code for “bust your ass”,
My goal was not to be at the bottom of the class.
We played games, won stickers & enjoyed many a treat,
Six months of intense training was easier to complete.

From the energy bar challenge we learned about nutrition,
With snacks on the line, there was no class attrition.
The post Oscar party we were George Clooney & Meryl Streep,
Never a dull moment in class, we followed like sheep.

As I pack in my trainer & pause to reflect,
To our amazing coach Petrina, I have an abundance of respect.
I’m now looking forward to the outdoor season,
Why I wrote my cheque last fall, I now know the reason!

With thanks for 6 months of coaching & fun!

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