Friday, August 3, 2012


Darin was still feeling the effects of his epic week in the mega-mountains, so I rode on my own today, exploring the bike paths.  Went around the lake and up the Col de Bluffy, a 2.5 km climb that isn’t all that steep.  This picture was the view I had for most of the ride leading up to Bluffy.

I had seen on Strava that there was 1 female who had a result and if I could hold over 12 km/hr I could gain the title.  So I pushed it and came out on top with an average of 13.8 km/hr and the Queen of the Mountain Title … which lasted only a few hours.  Shortly after I returned to the hotel and uploaded my data, my new nemesis uploaded her data from a few days earlier.  I’m not used to being anywhere near the top of a leader board on a climb – though I did win a bronze medal at the Alberta Provincial Hill Climbing Championships one year (results of lots of training); but it was nice to have the title for a bit.  What hurt through is that she was 6 seconds faster.  6 SECONDS!   What hurts even more is that she is from Toronto. 

So I came all the way to France to make a mark on a climb only to be beat by another Torontonian.  Am seriously thinking of going back to sprinting, forgetting all this hill climbing business.  If only you didn’t have to ride up the hills to come down them!

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