Thursday, April 18, 2013


I want to thank everyone who came on the Cycling Centre Arizona Cycling Camp last week. I was proud to see the gained strength, technique, and speed of the athletes I’ve worked with in the past, you all had moments of brilliance.  Over the course of the week I saw many changes in the new athletes as well and am most impressed with how much you all trusted each other on the bike.  You asked questions and wondered why things were done certain ways, which I loved.  The more questions the better as it means you’re thinking through things and taking control of your own gains.

Over the course of the week you met my spouse, parents, and in-laws and hopefully realized the important role that family plays in my life, both in my personal life and my business life.  We respect each and love each other and are there to help when needed with enthusiasm, joy, and patience.

Spouse Darin
Parents Frances and Renzo

In-laws Helen and Len

I consider every athlete I work with, whether it be individual coaching, the winter training program, or trips like our camp in Arizona, to be a member of my extended family.  One athlete once said “I hate you Petrina, but love you too”, which I considered to be a great compliment.  I will push your buttons, test your limits, challenge you, but it is always lined with respect as an athlete and person, love, and with a helping hand when needed.

We had a great group of 9 women who enjoyed each others company last week.  We laughed, pushed each other to ride faster and try new skills, looked after each other and forged new friendships.  I am proud to consider you all part of my family.

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