Thursday, September 15, 2016


Watching the stress melt off the athletes as they walked through the doors of Clos Marcel towards the water, taking a moment to rest under the shade of one of the trees, was joyful.  The setting of our home base for this week is magical, and just doesn’t seem real.  Surrounded by majestic mountains and calming, clean water of the lake, relaxation set in instantly.

The bikes where assembled by staff while the athletes enjoyed a cold beverage on the patio, dipped their feet in the water, and unpacked and organized their rooms.

Once settled, we set out for a cornering/bike check session to ensure the equipment was working and to help prepare the riders for the many long descents and switchbacks that they will face on the upcoming rides.

The evening was cool, but the company was warm and inviting with everyone excited about what the week would bring.  As the beautifully prepared meal was served, conversation lulled to enjoy the tantalizing flavours. 

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