Saturday, November 20, 2010


Congratulations to Lori, Lisa, and Carolyn for their Hamilton Marathon finish.  All women were under 4 hours and pleased with their race.  These thrill seeking women always have a plan up their sleeve for a challenge and adventure and the Hamilton Marathon marked the end of their season that involved an adventure race, some triathlons, hiking, kayaking, and fun rides on their bikes.

Since joining the Cycling Centre they have been working on technique and a more efficient pedal stroke.  The focus of the past 3 weeks has been on finding the most efficient gear and cadence, body position and stability, as well as making new friends and training partners.  

I am really pleased with the improvements of the riders in the program and have seen big improvements in technique already - especially in the 1 leg drills!  The groans that were heard during the 1 leg efforts in week one have been replaced with smiles as the athletes can feel the improvements and gain a sense of accomplishment.  When the interval calls for 110 rpm I now hear "no problem" rather than "are you kidding me?!" Now, if I could only get rid of my nicknames, task master, darth vader, the punisher ... 

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