Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sunday was the first testing day of the season and everyone did great!  Those with power readings did a maximum power test, and for most it was either their first test of this kind or it has been so long since their last one that they had forgotten just how tough it was.  With the coach's encouragement (some would say yelling) they went until they had nothing left to give.

The other athletes did a 30 minute time trial, which everyone took very seriously.  The tension and focus in the room was just like being at a race and everyone did really well.  The goal of the test was to determine maximum heart rates, thresholds, and to gain a baseline from which to gauge improvements.  Testing dates are scheduled throughout the season where it is expected the riders will cover a longer distance, hold a higher heart rate, and learn what their optimal cadence and gear choices are.

Few smiles were seen during the testing, but afterward it was back to normal with chit chat and good cheer.  All in all it was a great place to start and I'm already excited to see the improvements in the next one!  Petrina

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